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Amazing joomla drag and drop framework

Roockbuilder free 1,5Mb 20 November, 2013 Download

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20 Nov 2013, RoockBuilder
Fixed: languages in administrator panel, languages issues when used shortcodes, bug with javascript when you use paypal donate plugin with other plugins, and other little bugs
30 Sept 2013, RoockBuilder
Fixed: bug with installation last 3 plugins in Joomla 3.x PRO version
14 Sept 2013, RoockBuilder
Fixed: bug with adding pages in menu joomla 2,5
10 Sept 2013, RoockBuilder, RoockBuilder
Added: 3 new plugins (Twitter Steam, FaceBook Likebox, PayPal Donate), RoockBuilder for Joomla 2.5 Fixed: small bug with comments box and other small bugs
18 June 2013, Roockbuilder
Added: Shortcodes feature.
9 May 2013, Roockbuilder
Added: new five plugins (Content Tabs, Simple Video, Image Gallery, Image Slider, Contact Form). Fixed: minimum plugin width on administration section, jRequest error and other small bugs.
13 April 2013, Roockbuilder
Added: new five layouts (Content and Sidebar - Left, Content and Sidebar - Right, Three Columns, Top and Right Sidebar, Top and Left Sidebar), new plugin Google Map. Fixed: small bugs in plugins.
20 March 2013, Roockbuilder
Added: send error report and latest version checker. Fixed: small bugs in plugins.
1 March 2013, Roockbuilder
Roockbuilder launched. Default layout and 3 plugins: Simple Text, Social Share, Comments Box.